July 27, 2023, marks the 70th anniversary of the Korean Armistice Agreement, a critical turning point in Korean history that ended over three years of warfare. Today, we at the Korean Business Enterprise (KoBE) and the US International Development Center (USIDC), under the leadership of Chairman Matthew Lee, pause to commemorate this historical event.

The Korean War, often referred to as “The Forgotten War,” resulted in approximately 5 million casualties, including significant losses from the United States, which entered the conflict in response to North Korea’s invasion of South Korea. While the armistice agreement ended hostilities, it also left the Korean Peninsula divided, a division that persists today.

As we honor this day, we remember those who served and sacrificed, and the ongoing impact of a war that tore a nation apart. We also look to the progress made in the past 70 years, aspiring towards a peaceful future for the Korean Peninsula.

At KoBE and USIDC, we work to bolster business and developmental links between South Korea and the United States, understanding that remembering our shared past is key to building a prosperous future. Today, as we commemorate the Korean Armistice, we are reminded of our mission and purpose: to foster a thriving, unified environment for both countries.

Through reflection on the past, we remain hopeful and dedicated to a future characterized by peace, prosperity, and unity.