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About Us

KoBE offers expert consultation services to assist building small businesses in their objective to create mutually beneficial relationships with the U.S. Government, the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world. To streamline this process, KoBE has organized the necessary developmental factors into three distinct functional areas: Government Procurement Advocacy, Cross-Industry Networking, and Information Dispersion.

Our Mission

We help individuals and organizations become future industry leaders that successfully grow within the Public Sector.

Established in 1996, KoBE Government Contracting Alliance is a 501 (c)(6) nonprofit organization providing guidance and mentorship to businesses and trade professionals in their efforts to gain access to the public sector.

As a small business incubator, we focus on connecting our members with the necessary tools and instruments they need to grow and thrive in the Public Sector. Over two decades, we have built a community-like network of over 200 members uniquely tailored to this task.

Functional Areas

Government Procurement Advocacy

We understand that government can be an overwhelming step. We do our best to make sure each business is prepared for what is to come by:

Guiding small firms through the process of acquiring Small Business Association (SBA) certifications, including 8(a)
Hosting government procurement informational seminars
Providing individuals with experience in a professional work environment to prepare them for government employment

Cross Industry Networking

A large portion of our network is located in the Washington D.C. area where more than 80% of federal procurements are made. We utilize this network to bolster your existing strengths. Furthermore, we:

Maintain a network of over 200 business partners
Facilitate forums for members to share experiences that will expand the general contracting knowledge base
Offer interns a chance to garner real world experience within our business network

Information Dispersion

To ensure the success of our members, we provide support to inform, educate, and prepare businesses for their future in government procurement. We actively deliver:

Navigation of small business programs and symposiums
Promotion of business opportunities through advertisements, press releases, etc.
Professional consultations of  business development

What We Do

KoBE is an information powerhouse.

Learn the ins and outs of Government contracting and business development with KoBE. We will help your business anticipate industry trends in a dynamic economy, and help you to develop holistic strategies to promote business flexibility, longevity, and growth. We are committed to providing you with the best resources, expertise, and support. Our methods include:

Government procurement information through seminars, advertisements, and press releases

Guiding businesses with the process of acquiring SBA (Small Business Administration) 8(a), MBE (Minority Business Enterprise), and similar licenses and certifications

Providing professional consultations tailored to specific needs

Connecting government contracting devices, commercial partners, healthcare providers, and educational instruments


15800 Crabbs Branch Way
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Rockville, Maryland 20855

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E-Mail: kobe@kobeusa.org

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