2018 KoBE Year In Review


On behalf of the KoBE Government Contracting Alliance and its official partner, U.S. International Development Center (USIDC), our team is truly thankful for your continuous and generous support of our missions and programs. Your participation and contribution will make minority businesses and communities prosperous by creating more economic opportunities across public and private sectors.

Both KoBE and USIDC are non-profit and non-partisan organizations with each different focus. While KoBE focuses on helping small business access opportunities for business with government buyers in the U.S. – procurement and contracting, USIDC focuses on promoting international commerce and global expansion for your business.

But they have shared resources and benefited their members by:

  • being an information powerhouse and small business incubator,
  • offering exclusive and privileged networking, mentorship, and education for business and community

We would like to share highlights of KoBE’s 2018 achievements with you.

The KoBE/USIDC Quarterly Business Seminar educated our members on

  • the financial infrastructure for entrepreneurship (January 30) with an expert from a community- and small business-oriented bank;
  • technology, innovation and multi generation conversations for small businesses (April 24) with a specialist from google and millennial entrepreneurs; and
  • the success for federal contracting (September 18) with a senior procurement official from U.S. Department of commerce and a prime contractor.

KoBE/USIDC Scholarship program supported outstanding young Korean and Asian Americans in various fields. This year, 5 students completed a summer federal agency internship with our support and Thomas Hong, Speedskater of U.S. National Team, received a scholarship from us.

KoBE and USIDC participated in national and local business policy discussions and domestic and international commerce promotion with decision makers from the U.S. Department of Commerce and of Transportation, Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, Baltimore Sister City Committee, and more. We also regularly met with elected officials to make sure your voice is heard for policy- or law-making relevant to you representing our business and minority community.

KoBE published its inaugural magazine, “KoBE Connect,” and KoBE E-Newsletter. We successfully promoted member businesses and their success stories and shared KoBE milestones and resources online and offline.


Additionally, KoBE and USIDC created new partnerships with other Chambers and NGOs to expand KoBE’s outreach and participated in community, youth, senior-supporting activities especially for minorities.


2018 Member Appreciation Night


KoBE and USIDC hosted its 2018 Member Appreciation Night to celebrate this year’s achievements with their members who have been a driving force of the two organization’s success.

Thanks to its contribution to economic opportunities and public education as a 501c(3) non-profit and non-partisan organization approved by IRS, USIDC is officially registered under the Award program. We invited Mr. Phil Chung, Attorney at Law at Chung & Press, P.C. as the award recipient to honor hundreds of hours of his commitment to KOBE, USIDC, their members, and communities for many years.


The Appreciation Night was concluded with networking among members and thank you and closing remarks by KoBE President and USIDC Chair Mr. Matthew Lee. KoBE and USIDC will start the new year with its first 2019 Quarterly Business Seminar on Tuesday January 29 at the CALUMS Virginia Campus.